12 Days of Christmas Gift Guides: Gift Ideas for the Girl on the Go

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Welcome to Day 10 out of 12 days of Christmas gift guides! First of all, I’m super excited that I even got through this little series. It’s the biggest project I’ve ever done for my blog so far. I’m glad that I challenged myself and was able to put out so much good content for you all here.

in this installment, we’re going to be going over the best Christmas gift ideas for the girl on the go! If you or a friend/family member are an avid traveler/jet-setter, then these gift ideas are sure to please!

Airplane Travel Kit

christmas gift guide for the girl on the go

This airplane travel kit from Amazon has just about everything you need for a comfortable and relaxing plane ride (that is, if you’re not riding coach, LOL!) This cute little kit comes with a comfy memory foam neck pillow, an eye mask, ear plugs, and a drawstring baggie to store it all in. Get a good nap in with this. It’s the perfect practical and inexpensive Christmas gift idea for travelers.


Beats Solo3 Headphones in Rose Gold 

christmas gift guide for the girl on the goThe beats headphones are some of the best you can ever use. These are super comfortable to wear, they’re perfect to slip on during the plane ride or in the Uber/taxi ride. The rose gold color is so gorgeous and I love the overall design. Very stylish and fun to wear, especially for travelling.


Borghese Restorative Eye Sheet Maskchristmas gift guide for the girl on the go

We all know how a plane ride can wreak absolute havoc on our skin especially our eyes. The pressure from high altitude can leave the eyes feeling dry, puffy, and irritated. These eye patches from Borghese are perfect for avoiding those unsightly bags and swelling/puffiness around the eyes during your trip.


Patchology Illuminate FlashMasque Sheet Mask

christmas gift guide for the girl on the go

Don’t just stop at eye patches; treat your entire face to some TLC with these Patchology face masks for brightening and evening out your skin tone. It contains vitamin C, grapefruit and licorice root extract to give your skin a burst of antioxidants and moisture. No more blotchy or patchy skin after a flight with these on hand! Your traveler bestie will thank you!


Vichy Aqualia Thermal Mineral Water Gel Moisturizerchristmas gift guide for the girl on the go

While we’re still on the topic of skincare, it is imperative that yous tay on top of it during your travels. All kinds of funny things can start happening to your skin from the stress of moving around from place to place in different environments and climates. This moisturizer from Vichy is perfect for all skin types and works amazing. It’s super hydrating without being too overbearing for oilier skin or under-performing for drier skin types. If you’re going to a particularly hot/humid or cold/frigid climate, this moisturizer does a great job at keeping the skin conditioning and balanced.

UGG Women’s Dakota

christmas gift guide for the girl on the go

Alright, so… I was not the biggest fan of UGG shoes until very recently when I discovered the cutest styles on Pinterest and immediately thought “WHY HAVE I ONLY SEEN ALL THE UGLY ONES ALL THIS TIME?!?” LOL!

Anyway, I’ve grown to like some (keyword: SOME) styles from Ugg, and these slippers are one of them. First of all, like, oh my God; why didn’t anyone tell me how comfortable these are. Well, I’ve actually heard plenty of girls describe how Uggs are so comfortable, but I didn’t think I’d be slipping my feet inside a frickin’ cloud! I swear, once you slip them on you will NEVER want to take them off! My goodness, they’re definitely a testament of looks versus comfort!

These will be the absolute best shoes you can wear around in the airport, on the plane, in the hotel or around the AirBnB. They’re the perfect lounge shoe, and perfect for the travelers.

Travelpro Luggage Suitcase

christmas gift guide for the girl on the go

While going through TSA can be stressful, carrying all that luggage doesn’t have to be! These Travelpro suitcases are perfect for constant travelers who hate carrying around a load of heavy annoying bags. It’s designed to fit a multitude of your belongings inside without bulging out or falling all over each other. No more fussy wheels either: it shall glide along smoothly wherever you go.


Microsoft Surface Pro 6

christmas gift guide for the girl on the go

A dream come true for digital nomads, this comes in handy if you conduct business on your travels. It’s the perfect lightweight laptop/tablet hybrid that is very easy to travel with and carry along with  you. Sit it on your lap while on the plane, int he hotel room, on the beach-side, wherever you please! You can read all of your favorite books digitally on the tablet without carrying the hard copies around.

Alongside my Prime membership, I have an Amazon Kindle membership as well, and I love using a tablet or e-reader to access all of my favorite books in one place. If you’re not already a member of Amazon Kindle, you can sign up and Join Amazon Kindle for access to thousands of selections, discounted book prices and up to 10 free book titles per month! Even better than a kindle membership, you can also sign up for access to digital audibooks with Audible, which is my next gift idea for the girl on the go.


Audible Membership

Audible allows you to listen to professionally recorded audio books in a variety of genres and from a variety of authors. On the long plane ride when you want to just put some earphones in and nod off while listening along to your favorite book. Listening to an Audible audio book with a face mask on, cozy slippers on and head rested in a comfy pillow sounds like a super relaxing experience!


Come back tomorrow for Day 11!



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  1. Doctear

    at 11:22 AM

    We’ve been planning to have a winter holiday vacation in Amsterdam, hopefully, this year. On long flights, I always have to have an eye mask, earplugs, and moisturizer. My top 3 favorites on this list (1) Beats Solo3 Headphones in Rose Gold (2) Airplane Travel Kit and last but definitely not the least, (3) Microsoft Surface Pro 6.

  2. workhabor

    at 8:30 AM

    Good gift ideas. I’ll also like to add mini perfume bottles. As a pharmaceutical sales rep, I’m always on the move, and I find the large perfume bottles being cumbersome to carry. The mini bottles are God sent, and every girl who travels a lot should have one.

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