About The Blogger

Hello! My name is Haneef, and I’m just a regular kid from Washington, D.C that decided to start a blog! I was inspired by watching my favorite beauty, fashion, and lifestyle YouTubers. I knew the YouTube life wasn’t for me because I’m super camera shy, and let’s be real: cameras are expensive! Ha! I decided to put my awesome writing skills I’ve had since my grade school days to good use and share my newfound love for all things beauty and style, arts and crafts, and the occasional mouthwatering recipe because who doesn’t love food?


With my blog I plan to reach, help, and inspire thousands of young girls and women to do what makes them feel beautiful and confident. Makeup and beauty have become so important to me and have really helped me boost my self-esteem, mood, and has helped me love myself so much more. Despite my disabilities, I still choose to do what makes me feel good about myself, and share it with others that can connect with me and share the same interests. I hope for us to grow with one another, teach each other new things, and bond through our love for beauty, fashion, and art. Thanks for stopping by! It means a lot!