About The Blogger

Hello! My name is Haneef, and I’m a freelance writer from Washington, D.C with a passion for looking good and feeling good! I created Rose Gold Pearls because I knew the YouTube life wasn’t for me. I’m super camera shy, and let’s be real: cameras are expensive! Ha! I decided to put my awesome writing skills I’ve had since grade school to good use and share my  love for all things beauty and style, DIY projects, and the occasional mouthwatering recipe because who doesn’t love food? Here on Rose Gold Pearls, you’ll find me sharing anything from makeup reviews and tutorials to style tips, to a recipe in tribute to my chocoholism! LOL

Who else has got an obsession with lipstick and chocolate chip cookies?

When I’m not writing for the blog or a client, I’m spending at least an hour on Pinterest (major nail design inspo on there!), practicing piano, whipping up some new products for my Etsy shop, window shopping, or binge watching  YouTube videos or The Golden Girls! (Who else is singing the theme song in their head right now?)

My mission for Rose Gold Pearls,  is to teach and inspire MILLIONS of people to do what makes them feel beautiful outside and in. Becoming a part of the beauty and style community online has been so much fun so far, and I’m so excited to have all of you join me on this journey. Despite my battle with a long list of different disabilities, I am eternally grateful to still have the ability to do what makes me feel good about myself, and share it with others that can relate and share the same interests. I hope for us to grow with one another, teach each other new things, and bond through our love for beauty, fashion, and creativity.

If you haven’t already subscribed to Rose Gold Pearls, by now, then why not go ahead and get that out the way! It’s 100% free, and EVERYONE is welcome here! I’d love for you to send me an email or hit me up on social media so we can chat and get to know each other.

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Thanks for stopping by, I enjoy having you here with me!