FTC Disclosure

Any and every product and/or service that I positively or negatively review or endorse on this blog I have either used personally or plan to purchase myself, and found it worthy of discussion or recommendation. Some blog posts may contain affiliate links, meaning I may receive a commission on products and/or services that you choose to purchase, and this is at no extra cost or expense to you!

No paid promotion or sponsorship has inspired any blog post unless stated otherwise. I will always disclose whether a blog post is a paid promotion or if I’ve received anything free of charge in exchange for review.

I don’t agree to sponsored posts unless I am a firm believer in the brand and its products and services.

Any free product or PR packages I receive don’t sway my opinion on products. I’m an Aries, and before you ask “How’s that relevant?” everyone knows that we are brutally, sometimes harshly, honest, no matter what. Giving bogus and fake five star reviews just to get some free stuff? Sounds pretty lame to me…

I thank every reader and subscriber for their trust in my thoughts and opinions! I don’t take your readership and loyalty for granted.