My Top 5 Favorite Drugstore Makeup Removers

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Not all makeup removers are created equal, but these drugstore makeup removers happen to be the real deal. The options I’ll be sharing here are some of the best I’ve tried!

After a long day, it can feel soooooo good to wipe off all the makeup you’ve been wearing all day. But nothing is more annoying when you have to scrub your face for years to do so. Like, come one; they literally, LITERALLY have ONE JOB and yet some of them just can’t seem to deliver? It’s weird.

I’ve tried drugstore makeup removers and I’ve tried high end. We’ll obviously be covering the affordable options in this list. From cleansing oil to wipes (God, LOTS of wipes LOL) these drugstore makeup removers will strip your face of any trace of even the most stubborn makeup.


Biore Charcoal Cleansing Micellar Water

The Biore micellar water is probably the best micellar water I’ve tried so far! I didn’t expect much at first, but when I swiped that soaked cloth over my face for the first time, I was floored at the results. I swear, with one swipe the makeup was GONE!

This product contains activated charcoal so it’s a great choice for those of us with oily and acne prone skin. The charcoal provides a sort of more intense clean than other micellar waters I’ve tried. However, my face doesn’t feel dry or stripped after using this. It actually feels pretty… moisturized, oddly.

The Biore cleansing water is one of my top picks for drugstore makeup removers because it really gets the job done without any hassle. From glitter eye shadow to matte lipsticks, a cotton pad soaked in this stuff will wipe it all away as if nothing ever happened.



Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water


Here’s another micellar water that I believe works really well. I enjoy how clean my skin feels after using Garnier’s micellar water before I start my nighttime skin care routine. Only bone that I have to pick with this one is that it’s not that great for getting that stubborn eye makeup off, like liners or mascara. You’d have to scrub a little bit, which is something I actually do not recommend.


 Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes

These are my favorite makeup remover wipes. They’re soft, gentle, and get off every trace of makeup. I love that these don’t contain any harsh astringents or ingredients. I’m not fond of makeup removers that contain alcohol, so these are great in my book.

The simple makeup remover wipes don’t leave my face feeling stripped or dry. I don’t have to scrub my face to get the goop off. In fact, the process is just about effortless.


Kopari Beauty Coconut Mini Melt


I got the mini size to try it out, and I wanted to see if it made a good dupe for Clinique’s “Take the Day Off” makeup removing balm. Didn’t turn out that way, but I did enjoy how easily it melts off my makeup. Since this is coconut oil, you may want to tread lightly. I have never experienced breakouts from using coconut oil to remove my makeup, likely because I’m not keeping it on my face anyway. Kopari’s coconut melt is just straight coconut oil, but I like that it has a good consistency that feels like a mix between a balm and a butter. I can scoop a little right out with no problem.

Olay Daily Facial Cleansing Wipes


These facial wipes from Olay are great for cleansing whether you’ve worn makeup or not. Activate them with a little water and start wiping away. It gets pretty sudsy so that’s how I knew these were going to work very well; and they do! On those nights you literally can’t be bothered with long rituals and just want to wipe your face and hit the sheets, these were made for you! Plus they’re non-stripping, non-abrasive and non-dying.

Garnier SkinActive Gentle Sulfate Free Cleanser

Sorry Cetaphil, this one’s coming for your neck!

Guys, I honestly can’t sing enough of this cleanser’s praises: it’s one of the BEST facial cleansers I’ve ever tried! For starters, the formula resembles a milky, cream-like texture, which I like. It’s not too watery thin or thick, it’s right in the middle. This will foam up as you massage it into your skin. It really is a gentle cleanser because it feels very lightweight on the skin. It’s a foaming cleanser that’s non-stripping or drying, and melts everything off. And I mean EVERYTHING: makeup, eye makeup, lipstick, dirt, oil, debris, whatever! Although when I’m wearing makeup I do practice the double cleansing method with this face wash, it’s not totally necessary. The Garnier Gentle cleanser is your one and done product!

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