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Makeup Products with the Most Creative Packaging

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I know I’m not alone when I say I’m an absolute sucker for cute packaging! Walking to the beauty counter or through the beauty aisles at CVS makes me feel like a kid in the candy store, but I swear it’s always something about really attractive and creative packaging of products that reel me in every time! I’m a very artistic person, so uniqueness and creativity has always been very attractive to me. Let me be real: I’m pretty picky with my makeup, especially when it’s high end. If I’m paying a higher price for it, it needs to excite me from all angles.

Of course the overall quality and performance of the makeup itself is the selling point every time for me, but if you can create an out-of-the-park design that sets the product’s appearance apart from it’s competition, I’m definitely intrigued! So, here are some of my favorite makeup items that are so adorable and creative that I have a hard time actually using it!


theBalm’s How Bout Them Apples Cheek and Lip Palette

theBalm’s way of designing their makeup is pretty unorthodox in the first place, but this palette in particular really sticks out to me right now. In the transition of summer to fall, apples are in peak season right now. Well, they’re in season all year, but they seem to be used most coming the autumn season, perhaps due to upcoming holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving. Anyway, I love apples, and the concept seemed so ingenious to me simply due to it being a lip and cheek palette; hence it serves as a lip tint and blush. You apply blush on the “apples” of the cheeks right? Get it? Ha! What, was that corny? Whatever. Moving on!


 Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Eyeshadow Palette

Everyone in the beauty community raved about the Too Faced’s chocolate bar eyeshadow palettes. They claimed that they had vibrant candy inspired colors and an alluring chocolate aroma. I’m an absolute chocoholic, so that already had me VERY interested! However the wow factor didn’t really kick in until they came out with the Bon Bons palette. The gorgeous, vibrant colors, the perfect mix of mattes and shimmers, the heart shaped eye shadow pans; God ESPECIALLY the heart shaped shadow pans! I had never seen anything like it before! It is absolutely adorable in every way! It looked as if someone put so much thought and creativity in the design and craftsmanship of the palette. In comparison to the Urban Decay Naked palette series, I felt that this line definitely trumped them in the design department. I appreciated Too Faced’s strategy in switching up the look of the newest Chocolate Bar palette this way. I wish their new Sweet Peach palette had a more impressive look though. This is one of very few eye shadow palettes that I don’t mind paying the high price tag for.


Milani Rose Blushes

The Milani Rose Blush is one of the makeup products with the most creative packaging

I guess I’m a softy for hearts and flowers. I’ve always been really drawn to anything involving a heart shaped, flower shaped, or star shaped pattern/design. Milani is certainly the best in the drugstore department when it comes to stellar packaging, and the rose blushes are insanely adorable! They’ve been a hit ever since they came out due to their buttery smooth texture and color payoff. The flower pattern is so beautiful and rare, among drugstore and high end brands.

In addition, the product packaging was so gorgeous and high end looking that they made spots in Internet famous glam shots right beside higher end brands like MAC, YSL, Dior, and more! Every beauty blogger posted shots of these cuties in their makeup pics all over Instagram, adding an extra dainty and girly yet glamorous aesthetic to the photo. Milani’s rose blushes certainly make a statement, on your cheeks and in the container!


Milani Lipsticks

milani lipsticks are makeup products with creative packaging

I had to give honorable mention to these lovelies, only because they look like they belong in Sephora rather than Walgreens! As I said before, Milani has every other drugstore brand beat in the packaging department. The sleek, gold look makes the lipsticks look so much more chic and high end.

In my opinion, the lipsticks themselves can compare to higher end lipsticks too, due to their  variety of finishes, color payoff and performance. I dare say you can find quite a few MAC dupes within the Milani lipstick collection. If you’ve ever taken a whiff of a Milani lipstick’s aroma, you’d think it was a MAC lipstick if your eyes were closed because if it’s sweet vanilla scent. If you can’t afford  MAC lipsticks, (or just don’t want to shell out almost $20 all the time) then definitely check out Milani.

Too Faced Blushes

I’m pretty much a sucker for anything heart shaped. I’m such a girl (LOL!)

Too Faced’s packaging has been pretty controversial lately Some argue that it’s too cutesy, almost as if they’re marketing to children. While I do believe some of their products are a hit or miss (we’re not going to talk about that dog collection palette. Talk about cringe) But you have to admit that there aren’t many brands as popular as them that have such adorable and creative packaging ideas, at least IMO.

The TooFaced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blushes are just too cute! They look like they beong on a princess’ vanity. I certainly feel like a princess when I use them. They look so beautiful on the cheeks.

Not only are the heart shapes so cue and the blush colors so beautiful, but for them to name the Love Flush blushes after popular love songs was absolutely adorable! “Your Love Is King” is probably my favorite shade (and one of my favorite Sade’ songs ever!) How could I possibly pass these up?


Hourglass Ambient Lighting Collection

the hourglass ambient lighting strobing highlighter palette is a makeup product with creative packaging

Anyone that has seen of owns something from Hourglass’ makeup line has more than likely marveled over their luxurious packaging. There’s no way you can look at the blushes or the highlighter palette and not get sucked in by it’s sleek, shiny exterior. All fairness though, with the price tags that are attached to these high end makeup selections, I suppose we shouldn’t get anything short of a luxurious experience.

That wraps up the my list of the most impressive and attractive packaging I’ve seen thus far! I’m sure as I explore more and learn of more products I’ll find more makeup  who’s design and creative display will really amaze me.

Can’t resist all the pretty? Treat yo’self to one of these gorgeous selections below!

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  1. Love this– I too am a sucker for cute packaging– I have 3 of the the products mentioned above! The Too Faced Boxed Blushes (and the bronzer) are soo cute. I love their little heart shape!

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