10 Essentials for A Simple and Natural Everyday Makeup Routine

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Hey, I get it: all of us don’t want to cake on the makeup every single day of our lives. Sometimes we just want something a bit more simple. A nice and  natural everyday makeup look to get us through the day is the best. I can appreciate a natural, dewy, radiant complexion with well groomed brows, fluttery doll lashes and a simple lip balm, gloss or something more bold if that’s your mood. If you’re anything like me, you’d also love to throw on a bold red or dark lip.

For the gals that like to keep it simple, this is the ultimate makeup collection with all the tools you’ll need.

Start with the brows

You’d be surprised how much a good brow product can transform your brows and the overall appearance of your face. Having well groomed brows sets the foundation for the perfect makeup look. If you’re starting out with sparse brows, a pencil or perhaps a pomade will be a better option. If your brows are a little fuller, a tinted gel will add more depth and deeper color, creating a more polished look. Great brows really are a good start at transforming the face into its best form. See my favorites below:

Do you often wonder what some of the best drugstore brow products out there? I did a review a while back of a few new brow products from Maybelline. The price tags were very affordable, but are they worth anything?


A Good Mascara Is Essential

Mascara works wonders at really opening up the eyes and adding that enchanting touch of femininity. Long, thick and fluttery lashes are a coveted feature by many women. Swiping on a good mascara instantly makes your eyes look bigger and brighter. Your lashes will also look conditioned and healthy.

Even if you hate mascara, you can try using a DIY solution of coconut oil and aloe vera gel. You can pick up a cheap mascara from the drugstore and it’ll work just fine. Investing in a higher end mascara is also a great option. In my personal experience, I’ve actually noticed a bigger difference from a few mascaras with higher price tags. Wiping off some of the excess from the brush before application will prevent any extra product transferring onto the lids or into the eyes, or weighing down your lashes.

I’ve listed some of my best picks. You should also check out this post listing some of my favorite mascaras that give the perfect lashes.

But Falsies Are Nice Too

When your lashes aren’t the longest or fullest, popping on some falsies can help open up your eyes and give them that bigger, brighter look and a  youthful sparkle. I love a good basic, fluttery lash that are feminine and pretty, at the same time natural looking and believable. Ardell and KISS are two drugstore brands that do a great job with making all kind of lashes that suit each person’s personality and style.

Tinted Moisturizer: The Perfect Foundation

Do you absolutely hate applying foundations and powders that always seem to feel heavy and cakey, or that make your face look flat and dull? Tinted moisturizers are the perfect complexion product for an easy, simple and natural makeup routine. I love tinted moisturizers because they cover my imperfections, while still allowing my skin to breathe and look natural.

Let’s Conceal

Use a flesh tone concealer that matches your skin and apply some on any imperfections you’d rather not be seen. You can even use a concealer to replace foundation to avoid a cakey look, and keep the skin looking and feeling fresh and polished. If you’re on a budget, these drugstore concealers will do the trick.

Illuminators are SO Underrated!

Everyone’s been on the powder highlight bandwagon for YEARS now, and personally, I don’t think they always look the best. I don’t know about you, but I’m not into having a stripe of white or glitter on my cheek. I prefer a subtle glow from within sort of look, and that’s exactly what liquid illuminators give me.

Who doesn’t love a good dewy look to the skin? Having that refreshing glow and radiance from within look shows youth and and good health, as well as a subtle hint of grace and sensuality. Most of the time I’m mixing them with my foundations, but sometimes I use a tiny and I mean TINY bit extra on the high points of my face (cheekbones, brow bone, cupid’s bow, etc.)

My favorites are below

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Neutral eyeshadows get the job done

Although we may be totally uninterested in packing on the glitter today, we’ve got to make sure the eyes pop somehow. right? Although if you have on some super long and fluttery falsies, you can completely skip this step if you want. Or, you can skip shadow altogether: it’s not a requirement in the slightest.

Sometimes I like to add a neutral pop of color on the lids to bring out the eyes a bit more and add some depth. I love to use browns, nudes, and sometimes a mauve or a peach.

Pressed powder keeps oil at bay

If you have oily skin, then you know the struggle is real. So having a pressed powder can help you with touch ups. My favorite one as of today is this one from Maybelline. It is literally THE ONLY ONE so far that works exactly how I need it to work for me. The first time I used this I was blown away because I hadn’t realized I didn’t need to blot my face until almost 8 hours after I applied my makeup for the day.

Tinted lip balm for nourishment

If lipstick’s not your thing, then lip balm is the perfect alternative. Not only will it add a nice sheen and pop of color to the lips, but it’ll help keep them nourished and moisturized. Regardless of whether you wear makeup or not, a good lip balm should be in everyone’s carry-on bag.

Lip gloss for shine and glam

I’m pretty picky when it comes to my lip glosses. I need them to be non-sticky, or the least sticky as possible. I prefer them to have some moisturizing properties, and they’ve got to be either really shiny, or really opaque and shiny. I CANNOT STAND  a lip gloss that appears to have a very robust color and then falls short. Luckily there’s some lip glosses on the market that have completely won me over, and I can’t get enough of them. I want to collect them all: I’m a complete lip product junkie, if you couldn’t already tell.

Want to see what my absolute favorite lip gloss of all time is? I’m warning you though: it’s a bit boogie, but so am I! So it works LOL


Q&A Time!

Let’s get the convo started! Answer these questions in the comments:

  1. What’s a makeup product that’s always in your makeup bag?
  2. Brow gel, pencil, or pomade?
  3. Do you refresh throughout the day with a face mist/setting spray? If so, which is your favorite?
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