Testing Pinterest Beauty Hacks: Does This Foot Soak Really Work?

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Pinterest is the place to find some bizarre yet ingenious beauty hacks, tips and tricks. Pinterest is one of my favorite social platforms. It’s one of the main places I share my blog posts, and where I spend nearly 24 hours a day by choice LOL. I pin so much, that I now get over 1 million views per month on the platform! HUGE accomplishment, at least to me. I’m also close to my first 1,000 followers. I’m so excited! (you can follow me here by the way)

Ok, now to get back on track!

So as I was saying I’m constantly finding lots of little beauty tips and hacks.¬†Personal hygiene is non negotiable. It’s a core value. It’s more than a necessity; it’s a religion. I’m quite meticulous about my hair and skin care routines, and I pay special attention to my lips, body, hands and feet. Finding easy and inexpensive beauty hacks on Pinterest have become a daily ritual.

One day I happened to find this one on my Smartfeed.

foot soak for dry cracked feet


This particular beauty hack really stood out to me, and I decided to try it out immediately.


Here’s What Happened

I used the Conair foot soaker bath machine, added in the recipe, and soaked my feet for 20 minutes. A good at home foot soak is very relaxing. Nowadays I get real boogie with it, adding in a face mask and deep conditioning treatment for my hair.

Well, the claims were right: this makes a wonderful natural foot exfoliate. Not to gross anyone out, but the dead skin indeed flaked off very easily. My feet felt renewed, soft and silken. I followed up with a sugar scrub to scrub away all that excess dead skin that had accumulated, and my feet felt good as new. Lastly, I smothered them in a silky body butter, slipped on some fuzzy socks, and went on with my cozy night in, snacking on UTZ cheese curls and splitting my sides at The Golden Girls on the Hallmark channel.

How Much Time Before You See Results?

You can notice a big difference instantaneously. At first I needed to perform this treatment a few times to see optimal results, because my feet had developed some rough skin in certain parts. I’ll be honest and say that I hadn’t been showing them much TLC for a little while. If your feet have rougher skin or are callused, this may not fix the issue right away. However, it’ll help over time, along with physical exfoliation with a scrub or pumice stone, and keeping them nourished with a good moisturizing product like a lotion or butter. I actually use the Amope Pedi Perfect for my feet after soaking them in a bath. I’ve had this product for a few years now. It’s very gentle and does a great job at buffing dead skin away.

I’ve officially added this particular foot soak recipe to my weekly beauty regimen, and I’ve seen great results. My feet have never felt so soft and silky. This will be a great way to keep your feet pretty and soft in between salon visits, if you go often. I’m actually looking to get a good professional pedicure soon, for me and my mother. It’s almost sandal season, and until my flexibility can miraculously increase by 200%, I won’t be polishing my own toes with any luck.

I can’t wait to find more beauty hacks from Pinterest and see what works out.


Q&A Time!

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  1. What’s your idea of a good self care day?
  2. Would you consider trying out this Pinterest hack for yourself?
  3. What other bizarre yet ingenious beauty hacks have you found or tried from online?

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