12 Days of Christmas Gift Guides: Christmas Gift Ideas for Pampering

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Self care, whether it’s once in a while or a full-on routine, should be an important part of your lifestyle no matter who you are. Maintaining proper ways to practice self care will optimize your mental, emotional, and even spiritual well-being. After all, self care is self love. Although self care is much deeper than face masks and bubble baths, there’s no reason not to make it fun and relaxing.

Personally, my favorite way to practice self care on a surface level, is by treating myself to a full shower, complete with bath scrubs and sweet smelling body lotions and creams. I also love to put on a good face mask and a deep conditioning treatment in my hair and swipe on a coat of nail polish if I’m not heading to the salon anytime soon.

On a more mental and spiritual level, I love to meditate, journal and read some of my favorite books with calming music in the background. Sipping on a nice beverage like a tea or a latte, anything that makes me feel warm and cozy.
So, that’s basically what I’ll be covering throughout this blog post, the perfect gift ideas for pampering that’ll help make you feel more warm and cozy inside and out, but also empowered and ready to take on the world with my shining armor!

I’ve broken down my gift ideas for you in the following five categories below.

For Warming Up in the Winter Cold

Keurig Coffee Maker

I LOVE the Keurig coffee maker! It’s super convenient, easy to use, and perfect for those who need a quick cup of coffee, or just can’t be bothered with a traditional kettle. It’s not just limited to coffee either: you can also brew a quick cup of tea, cocoa, or any other hot drink that tickles your fancy. The coffee or tea lover in your life will thank you for this!

Throw on a Blanket *Pun Intended LOL

Who doesn’t love to get wrapped up in a nice, big fluffy blanket during the fall and winter months? This throw blanket is perfect for when you’re ready to cuddle up with your loved ones in front of the TV, or by the fireplace. It’ll also make a nice accent decoration to throw on a chair or a couch.

Fuzzy Socks

Make getting socks for Christmas way more epic with these festive fleece socks! Fleece socks are super warm, cozy and comfortable to walk around the house in during the winter months. This makes a practical and affordable stocking stuffer for anyone.

For Bath Time

Dove Warm Vanila and Shea Butter Cream Body Wash

Dove is the best drugstore bath and body brand! I used to LOVE their deodorants, until I switched over to aluminum free (Dove if you’re reading this PLEEEEASE create an aluminum free line!). There’s a reason that their bath and body products are so popular. Besides their affordable price point, their washes are so moisturizing and leave your skin feeling cleansed without being stripped. This warm vanilla and shea butter scent is the perfect theme for the holiday season. This gift comes in a bundle set of 3 full sized body washes, so this will last the lucky person who receives this gift all winter long!

Nivea Cocoa Butter In Shower Body Lotion

At first I didn’t understand the hype of In-shower body lotions. I didn’t understand the concept. Why not just apply lotion after the shower, like normal people? Then I got a chance to try a sample of this one in particular and OH MY GOD did I eat my words!

Not only is the scent of this lotion heavenly, but this makes my skin so smooth and silky that it’s not even funny. If you want to get away with skipping lotion after the shower, this will help you. The only drawback of this is that it leaves your shower/tub slick, so make sure to rinse it down really good, or give a little scrub to the shower floor.

Follow this in shower lotion with a rich body butter and you’ll have silken, buttery smooth skin for days on end.

Speaking of body butters, I have a few holiday themed butters and body scrubs in my Etsy shop, Rose Gold Bath & Body! If you love all natural bath and body products, hand made with love and precision, you’ll find that in my store!


The Body Shop Festive Body Butter Holiday Gift Trio

The Body Shop’s body butters were the gateway drug to my bath and body products obsession. They also inspired me to create my own and start my Etsy store to sell my own. During times where I can’t be bothered with whipping up an extra batch for myself, I’ll reach for one of my favorites from the Body Shop. I love the festive line because the scents are amazing and they are great at hydrating and moisturizing the skin long term. Pick up this Christmas gift set for a loved one who loves having soft skin and smelling like dessert!

For Beautifying

Mario Badescu Spritz, Mist and Glow Facial Spray Collection

The Mario Badescu facial mists are a cult favorite for their affordable prices and incredibly impressive results. Gift someone the gift of all 3 of the skincare brand’s best selling facial mists: Cucumber and Green Tea, Aloe Herbs and Rosewater, and the Chamomile and Lavender.

Personally, I love to use the green tea and rosewater options as makeup setters and refreshers. Then I like spraying on the lavender/chamomile at night when I’m winding down and preparing for bed. Chamomile and lavender are very calming scents, so it’s perfect as a pillow spray too, if you’re into that.

Waterproof Facial Cleansing Spin Brush Set

There’s no need to go out and spend $100+ on a facial cleansing brush. This one is an affordable option that’s just as good and I love it! This brush kit comes with a three exfoliating brush heads, including a silicone brush head. The silicone head is great for really sensitive skin, or for encouraging treatments like serums and moisturizers penetrate deeper into the skin.

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

Let me tell you, this mask is MAGIC! Seriously, you can use this for just about everything. The first obvious purpose is as a face mask. This mask for is magnificent for people with very oily and/or acne-prone skin. When I’ve got a break out, I’ll slather on this mask and I kid you not, my breakouts are gone overnight! And this is coming from someone with persistent, severe cystic acne. This comes in powder form, so I prefer mixing this with aloe vera gel or greek yogurt. Yes, I said greek yogurt; it has amaaaaaazing results on my skin.

You can also use this mask as a cleanser for the face, a foot soak, a hair mask, even an armpit detox! An armpit detox is beneficial if you’re switching to aluminum free or all-natural deodorant. Trust me, it’s a life saver!

Philosophy the microdelivery renewing peel

Give your loved one the gift of baby smooth, glowing skin with this at-home resurfacing peel kit from Philosophy. This is a gentle chemical exfoliate treatment that sheds off the built-up layer of dead skin cells, softening and renewing the skin. This gift is great for those who are into their skin care and love to bring the spa right at home!

Hanalei Mini Lip Treatment Travel Kit in Rose

These little lip balms are awesome! They contain hawaiin kukui nut oil and shea butter, making these the perfect little helpers in keeping your lips soft, supple and baby smooth. They give the lips a nice rose tint and shine and a sexy pout-y look. This makes a perfect stocking stuffer!

Kopari Face the Day and Night Kit

I’m a big fan of Kopari products and the variety they carry. They make using coconut oil in a variety of ways more fun. I don’t believe they’re overpriced either; you definitely get what you pay for, which is 100% high quality.

If you know any die hard coconut heads, aka coconut oil lovers, this is the perfect gift to give them everything they need for their day time skincare routine. This comes with the Kopari Coconut Cleansing Oil, their Coconut Rose Toner (my favorite), the Coconut Face Cream and the Coconut Lip Love balm. I don’t know about you but, I’d be super excited to find this in my stocking on December 25th!


For Pure Relaxation

Mini Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser and Wood Grain Cool Mist

best christmas gift ideas for pampering - oil diffuser from amazon

First of all, how cute and aesthetically pleasing is this little cutie? It just might match any room you place this in.

Oil diffusers are great at keeping your place smelling good. You can create so many different scent combinations with your essential and fragrance oils. Whether you’re going for something deeply soothing and relaxing, sweet and sugary, floral and fresh, or any aromatherapy reason, you can do it all with a diffuser. The steam also aids in freshening and purifying the air, so you get to kill two birds with one stone!

A few of my favorite essential oil combos include: lavender/lemongrass/cinnamon, sweet orange/tangerine, grapefruit/citronella, vanilla/rose, vanilla/cinnamon/orange, and peppermint/vanilla!


Back, Neck and Shoulder Massager with Heat

best christmas gift ideas for pampering

The game has been changed: this right here, is a neck, back and shoulder massager that you can carry around with you. Yes, you can carry this anywhere you please. Drape it over your shoulders, wrap it around your shoulders and arms, lay it on any other part of your body if you please!

This is an awesome Christmas gift idea for those who need extra pampering and some physically therapeutic TLC!

Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Stress Relief 3-Wick Candle in Eucalyptus and Spearmint

Nothing like a stress relief candle to get you in the mood! Bath and Body works kills the candles game, and sells out in their candles every holiday season. The eucalyptus and spearmint scent is a very fresh, spicy, yet calming aroma that makes me feel like crawling in bed under my blankets with a big smile. Grab hold of this for yourself or loved ones who can use the extra help in the relaxation department.

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