Beauty Products You Probably Shouldn’t Give Up Forever

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I read an article from PureWow describing 10 Beauty Products You Can Give Up Forever. It was a very interesting read, and while I thought of taking heed to some of the advice, there were just some things I could not agree on being unnecessary or replaceable. So I’m going to break down each one they listed, and state whether I agree or disagree and why.

  1. Face toner

They say: “…Micellar water removes makeup, cleanses, and tones in a single step.”

I say: I truly believe it’s down to personal needs and preferences. Micellar waters are certainly becoming very popular in the beauty world; many beauty bloggers and vloggers are advertising it as if it’s almost magical! However, if you have problematic skin, there are certain toners out there that help different problems, like fading dark spots, clearing acne, decreasing oil overproduction, and reducing redness and inflammation caused by acne. I have my own DIY toner I use for myself and it works wonderfully!

Plus, I truly don’t view micellar water or toners as a “cleanser” of any sort. Sure it may wipe away makeup and some extra bacteria or impurities, but it certainly doesn’t complete the job.

  1. Neck cream

They say:  “Anything you’d wear on your face is good enough for your neck…”

I say: True.


  1. Hand cream

They say:  “Nothing your body lotion can’t do.”

I say: Also true.


  1. Lip scrub

They say: A damp washcloth works fine.

I say: I’ve never bought lip scrub, as it’s much too easy and WAY cheaper to make at home. All you really need is just your favorite body oil mixed with a little table sugar and there you go; but trying their method is easy and works too! By the way, if your lips are chapped and cracking or peeling, I recommend a lip treatment, not a lip scrub. Trust me, I learned the hard way. *cringes*


  1. Cellulite cream

They say: “…no amount of firming potion will get rid of thigh dimples.”

I say: Absolutely correct! Just like all of those waist trainers, detox teas, and diet supplements you see all those Instagram famous chicks advertising, this is no less of a gimmick for you to shell out money, a lot of it. Don’t waste your time.

By the way, we all know the reasons behind people buying all of those things. Sorry, but there’s literally no way of getting out of going about it the right way: eating right, and yes, exercising!


  1. Shaving cream

They say:  “coconut oil.”

I say:  I’m not a shaver, anywhere (sorry if it’s TMI). However, I’ve heard of this trick before, and I suggested it to some family and friends. They haven’t bought a single bottle of shaving cream since. Needless to say, it works.


  1. Makeup Primers

They say: “you don’t really need any of them.” And suggest a dab of moisturizer and setting powder will do the trick.

I say: There is NO WAY IN HELL I’m going to give up my primers! I mainly use face primers, as I have oily-very oily- skin. I can’t dare putting a moisturizer on my face right before putting on my makeup. I tried going without primers a few times by just doing exactly what they said- moisturizer and setting powder- before foundation application… NEVER AGAIN! Even for those with dry skin, the powder could very much cling to your dry patches, creating a cake-like disaster. This isn’t very good advice for everyone, as everyone’s skin type is different. My primers work wonderfully for keeping my makeup set in place, lonfg-wearing, and keeping oil at bay for hours. I feel that this will work the best for those of you with normal skin. Everyone else, nope!



  1. Highlighter and Bronzer

They say: “Get a similar effect by using a palette of eyeshadows.”

I say: Ok, maybe this could work. There are some eyeshadow out there that work pretty good as highlighters, and you could probably find some nice brown colors to use for bronzer. Personally, I only use liquid highlighters, and I don’t like using eyeshadow as bronzer. It’s much easier to find an actual bronzer that suits my skin tone and its undertone. Plus, aren’t eyeshadows like, really small? Imagine applying bronzer all over your face with some tiny eyeshadow brush. No thanks!


  1. Brow powder

They say: “Look to your nifty  [eyeshaodow] palette for help… and set them in place with a dab of lip balm.”

I say:  This may be helpful for those of us with thicker brows. If they’re more sparse, this may not be the best advice for you, that is if you’re going for a thicker, fuller look. On lazy days I’ll use a brown shadow, but on days I want everything to look like I put much effort, I use pencils and pomades. Another thing: I can’t do the lip balm thing; again, oily skin here!



  1. Hair texturizing spray

They say: “Dry shampoo gives you all the texture you need to secure slippery strands and rock a tousled look (while, of course, sopping up excess oil).”

I say: I have absolutely no experience with either, and my hair is FAR from oily. It’s my skin that’s oily, not my hair! If you’re a texturizing spray user, why not give this a try.


On this note, all I can say is: To each their own.

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