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The Best Mascaras For Perfect Lashes

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When you’re looking for the best mascara to perfect your lashes, there’s quite a bit of criteria that needs to be met.  Whether your lashes are long, short, sparse, straight, or curly, you’re bound to find a mascara that’s made just for you, and you’ll never want to stop using it!

I set myself on a mission to find my “holy grails” and when I find them, I stick to them only. I don’t bother looking for something new. I’m currently looking to meet my goal of having seven holy grail status mascaras to keep in my arsenal. Right now I have ten in my collection. Here I’ll share with you how they’ve worked for me so far.[social_warfare]

P.S. If any of these sound way too awesome to pass up and you plan to purchase online, don’t forget to shop through Ebates and get you some cash back while you’re at it! I don’t do any of my online shopping without it.


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MAC  False Lashes Waterproof Mascara

MAC makes some of the best mascaras on the market. I tried this and wasn’t at all disappointed. I try to stick to waterproof mascaras because I have allergies and my eyes water often. I don’t need my mascara running down my face during allergy season (which is all the time for me.)

Covergirl Queen Fake Lash Drama Mascara

I got this mascara for free in an Influenster vox box. It makes my natural lashes look really good! It clumps my lashes a bit, but that can be fixed after I wipe off some of the excess. It fans the lashes out and coats them evenly, making them less curly and more elongated.

Max Factor Masterpiece Max High Volume Definition Mascara

I also got this mascara in another influenster vox box and have been forever grateful for it since then. Its effect on my lashes is amazing and I believe it competes with higher end brands. This mascara volumes and lengthens my curly lashes so well that people ask me if I’ve gotten lash extensions! I’d expect it to be more expensive for how good it works.

Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Mascara

This mascara seems to be a fan favorite and has plenty rave reviews on Ulta and YouTube alike. I fell in love with this mascara the moment I tried it. It was on sale during Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty event and I decided to try it out. The way it lifted and lengthened my ultra curly lashes impressed me very much. They look full and seperated enough that they look fluttery and soft instead of clumpy. After I learned the right way to apply mascara to my curly lashes, I see the product has not smudged or transfers to my lids. it does’t flake or bleed either. This is definitely one of my favorites.

Lo’real Voluminous Carbon Black Building Mascara 


This mascara lives up to its hype. Although the results aren’t crazy dramatic, they give an awesome natural looking enhancement to my lashes, making them long and full. It’s an excellent affordable choice for those who are looking for separation, lengthening and natural looking volume.

Lo’real Voluminous Base Primer Mascara

This base is ideal to put on before mascara application. If you’ve never tried a mascara primer before, you need to hop on the bandwagon, starting with this one here. I got this in my Winter Beautycon box and it works like a dream. Don’t be afraid of the white color. It disappears as soon as you apply your mascara. This primer has changed the game for me, making mascara application 5 times better and extending its lasting power too. I really notice a difference when I apply this before my mascara compared to when I didn’t use eyelash pimer.

Maybelline Great Lash

This is a pretty simple mascara that does so much more than its packaging suggests. It’s an awesome drugstore mascara that makes the lashes look well, great! It’s the perfect everyday mascara for when you want your lashes to look good without being too dramatic. think of it as the perfect pick me up for your ashes when you’re going for that natural makeup look, or that “no makeup, makeup” look.

Maybelline The Falsies Volum’ Express 

Girl, when they said “falsies” they MEAN IT! I thought it was just a gimmick at first, but I was proved wrong. Swiping this on my lashes basically turned them into butterfly wings. I was blown away at how much this made my lashes look so dramatic. It didn’t create miracles by giving me a $30 mink lash effect, but it certainly can compete with a natural lash from Ardell. The mascara can get a tad clumpy, but that can easily be fixed by wiping the wand before application since it seems to pick up quite a bit of product initially. if you’re lloking for utlra length, volume, thickness and separation, this is a perfect drugstore pick.

Lo’real Miss Manga Mascara

I first heard of this mascara by my all time favorite beauty[clickToTweet tweet=”Looking for the perfect mascara? Read this post to find out the best of the best to try!” quote=”Looking for the perfect mascara? Read this post to find out the best of the best to try!” theme=”style2″] guru and YouTuber Jackie Aina. She RAVED about this mascara and was the main one she used through most of her tutorials for a long time. I decided to try it out myself so I purchased from Walmart and am so happy I did! It does about the same thing the Lights Camera Lashes mascara does, so I’d call this a dupe.

MAC Haute and Naughty Waterproof Mascara

This is the first high end mascara I ever tried and it is the real MVP. It works similar to the Covergirl False Drama but less clumping. It fans my lashes out a bit better than the Covergirl mascara as well. It was the very first mascara I fell in love with and it’ll always be one of my favorites.


Tell me in the comments what your favorite mascaras are so I and everyone else can try them ou too. I love recommendations.  Also make sure to subscribe and share this post if you ❤️ it!

Want more awesome recommendations? Check out this really in depth article about the quest to find the best mascaras on the market! This article was extremely thorough and I definitely learned something new from it. Two of my favorites mentioned in this post happened to be in their top 7 picks, so apparently, I have great taste! If you’re still looking for your holy grail, check out the link, and you’ll be sure to find the perfect mascara for you.


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    1. You know, I’ve yet to try the better than sex mascara! Not sure what I’m waiting around for. Lol I may get around to it.

  1. I love Tarte mascaras, though I’ve never tried that one! My favorite right now is the It Cosmetics Superhero mascara. It makes my lashes crazy long and full! Thanks for sharing!

    Amanda |

  2. My favorite is Better than Sex! Love it! I still have to try a few of the ones you mention on this post like L’oreal’s Miss Manga and Maxfactor’s Masterpiece!

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