I Got over $75 Worth of Makeup for Less Than $20

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I’m huge about buying beauty on a budget. I honestly don’t believe in paying full prices for most things, especially makeup. I’ll always find a way to finesse the system and pay less than the original price, and that is exactly what I did on this little makeup haul I did.

How In The World Did I Do That?

I’m a frequent shopper of this website called All Cosmetics Wholesale. They are a cosmetics website that sells makeup up to 90% off the original price! I was able to score a super sweet deal on a load of makeup by taking advantage of their additional 75% of sale.  Majority of makeup items are marked down from the original retail price. On top of that I got 75% off my total purchase.

They have a huge variety of beauty brands from drugstore to high end. ACW sells makeup from brands like Maybelline, Covergirl, and NYX to prestige brands like MAC, Kevyn Aucion, Laura Mercier, and Dior. It’s always an exciting time when they have one of their big sales like this one.

The Haul

makeup haul from all cosmetics wholesale

Here’s all that I got from my little shopping spree:

4 NYX Butter Lipsticks

4 NYX Lip Liners

2 Maybelline lipsticks

2 Korress lip butters

1 Laura Mercier Rose Lip Balm

1 Kevyn Aucoin prismatic eye pigment

1 Maybelline eye studio color tattoo

All of these products without the sale would’ve added up to over $75, and even MORE than that had I purchased all of these individually from the shelves. Lucky for me, I saved over 3/4’s of my money and racked up on a mother load of good stuff. I considered this a late birthday present to myself.

The Review

Now I’ll share a quick review of al the products I bought,

First the lip liners from NYX are always a great choice. I’m very cheap when it comes to my liners, I never spend more than maybe $5 for a liner. I love Nyx because they have a wide range of colors, they’re easy to glide on, and they last long. They also don’t feather or do that gross bunching thing at the edges of my lips.

{insert photo of liners here|

I won’t be using the nude beige liner because it’s too light for my skin tone. That ill be going in my “for sale” pile.

Next are the Nyx  butter lipsticks. Man, I wish I’dtried these sooner because they’re WONDERFUL! They glide on smoothly. The texture is so buttery and creamy, and the opacity is impressive. Usualy really creamy lipsticks like these can show up quite sheer, especially drugstore ones. These dont do that at all. They’re not meant to last through eating an drinking, obviously, but they feel and wear beautifully. I adore the nude pink and deep berry colors.

I’ll be selling away the pale nude and bright pink lipsticks and nude biege lip liner as a bundle on my Poshmark. If you’d like to grab them up, hurry on over there before it sells!

I also have a Nyx full throttle eyeshadow palette paired with a matte black liquid liner for sale too.

The Maybelline lipsticks came in a pair. I basically got two for less than the price of one. The color is so nude on me, that they almost don’t show up! However, I like the glossy sheen that it gives, and they’re comfortable on my lips. So I’m happy with this purchase.

Here’s some irony: Korres had a sale they had going on their website. Unfortunately, the only thing I was interested in buying, which were the lip butters, weren’t part of the sale. I was a bit disappointed, but I let it go. I did’t feel comfortable paying over $12 for a lip balm anyway.

Then I was email notified of the ACW sale, and I found the same Korres lip butters I’d been eyeing previously at half the price. I couldn’t pass it up and I immediately added them to my cart. Although they work pretty good to keeping my lips moisturized, the texture throws me of a bit. It feels kind of sticky, and I have to lay it on pretty thick for the results I want. I like to use it as an overnight lip treatment, or right after exfoliating. A more affordable alternative for these are the elf tinted lip balms. They’re very nourishing for my lips and give them a cherry popsicle sheen that I love.

korres lip butter elf tinted lip balm

One disappointment was the Kevyn Aucoin eye pigment. It arrived dried out. Hopefully some alcohol can recover it, otherwise it’ll have to get tossed. I saw some reviews online for this product on Nordstrom and Beautylish, and it looks like more people have this problem. Lucky for me, I didn’t pay the full price of over $40 to receive a dried out, unusable product!

The Laura Mercier lip balm works pretty good. I like that it feels hydrating The texture is similar to Vaseline. It works pretty good, but I don’t believe its worth the original $24 it goes for on retail sites. Maybe I’m just being cheap, but honestly, it hasn’t wowed me enough to convince me that it’s worth over $20. Nonetheless, it’s a nice lip treatment.

Lastly, the Maybelline color eye tattoo pigment is beautiful. I love using it as a base for green eyeshadow, or by itself. It stays put on me and doesn’t smear everywhere like some cream shadows do. I think it lasts much longer when I add a powder shadow on top, but that’s pretty much expected.


Overall, I’m pretty happy with what I was able to get, for so little money! I’d rate this whole haul about a 7.5/10, given that there’s a few things I got that I’m not interested in repurchasing. I’m mostly happy with the NYX products, even though I’m selling 2 lipsticks and 1 liner.

Once again, if you’re interested in copping those, here’s my Poshmark.

One final thing I wanted to address was the legitimacy of the products. Everything sold on All Cosmetics Wholesale is 100% authentic and comes from retailers who failed to sell the products. In my experience with everything I’ve purchased from the site, everything looked and felt totally legit. I haven’t seen any funny business with the product itself or it’s packaging. In fact, everything’s shipped in its original packaging. I’d compare shopping here to dumpster diving, except it’s legal, safe, and comes with much less hassle.


Q&A Time!

  1. Would you consider shopping All Cosmetics Wholesale, or have you shopped them in the past?
  2. What was the best beauty sale item you’ve ever scored?
  3. What’s your favorite way to save money on makeup/beauty products?


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