12 Days of Christmas Gift Guides: Gifts Ideas to Help Fulfill Your New Year’s Resolutions

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We are already on Day 7 of the 12 Days of Christmas Gift Guides series! We’re already a week in and I’m super excited to have shared all of these great Christmas gift ideas for you to think about. Today I’m sharing a more practical Christmas gift guide that’s sure to help PLENTY of people out: gift ideas for fulfilling your new year’s resolutions!

New Year’s Resolutions are like promises or deals that we make for ourselves concerning how exactly we plan to carry ourselves in the new year. It sets the tone for the new year and the things we’ll work towards, and the goals we plan to achieve. While some people are against them, I believe they make a great tool for setting intentions and manifesting our dreams into reality. In my opinion, they’re great for accountability and keeping your sites on what you actually want to see manifested in the new year.

The only reason New Year’s resolutions tend to get a bad rep, is because many people don’t stick to them, let alone fulfill them. They’re not taken seriously because people lack the discipline,  willpower and faith that they CAN actually see it through. It gets a bit harder than they thought, so they throw their hands up and go back to their old ways. Well, I’ve got a few gift ideas that will help people stick to their guns and actually fulfill the amazing resolutions they’ve decided to work towards.

These are the tools anyone could use to keep them on track and aligned with their goals!

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JJ Smith’s “Green Smoothies fo\r Life”

best christmas gift ideas for pampering - green smoothies for life

If you know of anyone who’s always on the weight loss bandwagon around new years, this book will more than likely keep them on the road to success.

I love this book by JJ Smith, “Green Smoothies For Life.” It’s basically a 30 day extension of her original 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse program, which I also enjoyed. It is an easy to follow program that features a daily green smoothie recipe to try for 30 days straight. The plan is to drink the daily smoothie recipes for two out of your three daily meals, and then have one clean, healthy meal featuring a perfectly balanced combination of carbs, protein, and fat.

The book is also filled to the brim with nutrition advice, additional recipes, wellness tactics and more that can be applied to your day to day life.

This is NOT a diet book. JJ doesn’t believe in dieting, which is why I was so attracted to her guidance. She believes in healing the body with whole, natural food sources, eating real meals, kicking calorie counting to the curb and learning how to enjoy food and an overall healthy lifestyle. Weight loss (and maintenance!) is simply the side effect of living that lifestyle.

You can use these book for the rest of your life! I know that I’ll never go back to my old ways again!


Jen Sincero’s “You Are A Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Livng An Awesome Life”

best christmas gift ideas for pampering

“You Are A Badass” by Jen Sincero is one of the best personal development books that I’ve ever read. It’s in my top 3 for sure. This is a great book to remind you of just how much of a powerful being you truly are. She maps out in each chapter exactly the steps you must take in order to run far, far away from allowing fear and negative self talk control over your life, and to go after anything and everything that your heart desires.

There’s been so many times I read a line in this book and was like “Whoa! This just about smacked me in the face from how true this is!” She doesn’t hold back in calling out the BS, and she speaks in an amusingly sarcastic tone that forces you to relate to whatever story she’s telling. This book makes the perfect Christmas gift for the people in your life that’s been looking for a breakthrough out of a rut, that needs an extra kick in the ass, or simply loves self-help type stuff!

Patrik Edblad’s “The Self Discipline Blueprint”

best christmas gift ideas for pampering

Ah, self discipline: probably the most important factor in carrying out your new years resolutions, and any sort of life goals to fruition. Unfortunately, it’s the lack of self discipline that’s more often than not the biggest contributor to our failure. It’s an area in many of our lives that could definitely use some work.

This book carries out step by step what needs to be done in order to cultivate stronger self discipline, so that you actually start living out your dreams instead of, well, just dreaming for years on end and never taking any real action.

The Self Discipline Blueprint could be considered a modern day “Think and Grow Rich” for the new generation. Although, the information outlined in here is applicable to people of all ages, demographics and backgrounds. It’s a great read, and a great Christmas gift idea for pampering yourself mentally while you’ve got your feet soaking in a bath and your yogurt and honey mask on your face!

Kindle E-reader

Since we just covered some awesome books, we might as well throw in the best way to read all three of these books at once, with the wonderful Kindle tablet! It’s one of the best e-reader tablets you could invest in. Read your favorite books day and night, at your own pace anytime you want, and choose from an unlimited library of books of all genres. In fact, when you sign up for Kindle Unlimited, you get to check out up to ten books at a time, with no limits to how long you can keep them! Save paper, save space (goodbye, overflowing bookshelf!) and save money, believe it or not!


bloom daily planners 2019 Calendar Year Day Planner

Give the gift of planning with this gorgeous 2019 planner!

First of all, let’s just check out this design here. Irresistible, right?

I’ve grown an obsession for stationery products: pretty planners and journals, colorful pens with the cute little fuzzy ball at the end, cutesy stickers and post it notes with profound quotes. It’s one of the reasons Barnes and Noble is one of my favorite places to be. If you’ve got someone in your life who can’t get enough of pretty pens and planners, this is the perfect gift to give them.

That wraps up Day 7 of the 12 Days of Christmas Gift Guides! Tomorrow will make day 8. I’m so excited for you to come back and see the Christmas gift ideas I’ve got in store then!

Q&A Time!

Let’s talk to each other in the comments. Answer these questions to start the conversation:

  1. What’s some of your New Year’s Resolutions (if you believe in those)?
  2. Which gift ideas would you be excited to receive on Christmas Day?
  3. How important is self discipline to you in your life?


This Christmas gift guide gives you the perfect gift ideas that will help fulfill your new years resolution! If you're serious about fulfilling your new years resolution for 2019, you'll be happy to grab these tools to help you succeed! From books to bullet journals and planners, you're bound to find something to get you geared up and ready for the new year. #newyeears #newyearseve #newyearsresolution #productivitytips #motivation

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